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Job ref.10371
Location:United Kingdom; Nationwide
Working term:Permanent position
Should this vacancy be the only active one in your desired category please read on.

This is NOT an active position.

To let us know the types of positions you wish to be considered for you do NOT need to apply to several of these generic positions (any with ref number 10371).

If you have not already had contact with us you can be assured that following any application we will contact you to ensure we are working accurately for you and considering any positions we feel you will have a genuine chance of securing where you fit the profile our client has asked us to seek.

If this position is the only one within this category it could well be that we already have a position of this type waiting to be placed upon the site or we could be called with a job to fit your needs later today or tomorrow.

We have a very strict policy about candidate confidentiality. We will NEVER send out any candidates details to any client without your permission to do so.

Therefore there is NO exposure to your confidentiality by sending us your CV and registering with us.

Feel comfortable to send us your details, knowing we will treat them with the respect they deserve.

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We will never send your CV to any client for any reason unless we have gained your specific clearance to do so.

We need your CV with us so that we can complete your registration and ensure we have set up your profile to reflect your employment requirements.

After we have received your CV and completed your registration one of our Consultants will either call you or send you an email requesting a little more information to ensure what we have set you up correctly and are looking at the correct profile of positions in the correct area etc for you.

Good luck with your search for a new career and we hope we can be of assistance to you in the near future.