Client Commitment.

What we offer you the client.

  1. Absolute honesty at all times.
  1. Our candidates actual Curriculum Vitae. Not a “profile” sheet “produced” by us.
  1. As an indication of our commitment to find you your contender, we will ensure the post is advertised on well over 100 other web sites within 24 hours of us receiving your call. The sites will include local sites in your area. (Should you rather we do not advertise your position we will not do so).
  1. Obviously if your position is of a confidential nature any information which could point to yourself as the potential employer will not be disclosed.
  1. Once you have instructed us, our aim is to send you between 1 and 4 GOOD candidates. We will not send you 15 candidates details leaving you to do the work you are paying us to do for you.
  1. We will send you details of candidates who will know:
  • ·         Who you are
  • ·         Full details about the position you need to fill
  • ·         The salary level you are offering (Not one which will convince them to come and meet you.)
  • ·         What you will expect from them should they be offered the position
  • ·         If you have given us a job description, we will have given this to our candidate
  • ·         Any unusual hours or expectations
  • ·         We will have fully assesed the candidate to ensure thjeir skill set meets your needs
  • ·         Have passed through our assessment process to be on our register
  • ·         They will be genuinely interested in the position you need to fill      

  1. Sadly we will not go into the industry and “Search” (Headhunt) for a suitable candidate for you.  Over the years there have been many instances where we have been requested to do this and a lack of understanding as to why we will not headhunt. The reason is simple. If we did head hunt it would mean us calling into existing clients businesses in an effort to talk their (your) staff into leaving. We feel this is in contradiction to our overall function, Resolving staffing issues and not to cause them.


  • If you would like to review a 3 minute Power Point presentation about how we work for you and our ethical operational directives please feel free to download this Presentation.