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Please spend one or two moments to read what follows. Doing so will ensure you get the best service from the team at Motor Industry Recruitment. Registering will allow you access extra features MIR site can offer.

We will do our best to help you, not only to find "another job" but also see if we can get you that leg up you need to allow your career to grow.

We are a low volume, High Quality agency. We aim to send any client just 3 CV's for any one position.

Our interview booked to CV sent percentage consistently remains over 75% and has been as high as 91% some months for the positions we fill.

The industry norm is around 25%

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To Register please complete the form above. You need to enter your email address and then create your own password. (One you can remember is always a good idea!) But you can be sent a reminder if you forget it. You will need to use your email address and your password to access your control panel in the future.

Email addresses: Candidates tend to use Hot mail and other web based email addresses in the hope that this will allow them the ability to send and receive emails without using their office email client. You may not be aware but most ISP's, such as Virgin, Blueyonder etc. offer web mail. Go to your home page and look for the web mail link.

The reason we point this out is that most Hot mail type accounts tend to drop out, get full in boxes or become redundant. The problem with this is that email is THE most effective way we can contact you. Even after you find a new position, it is always good to know that you have someone keeping their ear to the ground for you while you are busy working. It is very frustrating for us to mail a good candidate who we are sure will want to know about the position we have been asked to fill, only to get a bounced email. Then we call the candidates mobile to find it has been passed on the the next manager in line. By the time a letter can then be sent out and responded to there could be 5 other CV's on the clients desk!

We also use SMS: Work Mobile numbers are not good ones to use with us because, guess what, leave your current job for any reason and we are no longer able to reach you with that number!

Try to use a "real" email address (your home one) and a personal mobile phone number. That way we will always be able to reach you. Remember, if you have found the job of your dreams and no longer wish us to contact you, tell us. We will take your details off the active register immediately. You can call upon us any time in the future and we will be happy to return you to the active register should you need us.

Remember, the Data Protection Act mean that any agency you register with HAS to remove all your data if you request them to do so.

We ask you not to resend your current CV every time you apply to a position for good reason:

EVERY time we receive your CV, we have to make sure you are not re-sending it because you spelt a word wrong or changed your mobile number. You can imagine how time consuming this is. We have to open your original CV next to the original and line read every part of both.

We are one of the very few, or possibly the only, agency who will repay your efforts in creating your CV by sending it, un-edited, to our clients.

If you have not had enough reading yet! You can also read a detailed outline of what you can expect from us and some advice from us in our candidate commitment once you have registered.